Are you READY to join me and my amazing team of LEADERS who are doing what we love ♥ and have a PASSION for helping 10,000 families change their health by 2020, all while creating a sustainable six figure income? 

Do you wake up EARLY each morning and stay up LATE because you are so EXCITED about what you do and can’t stop thinking about it? Are you passionate ♥ about health and wellness? Do you want to join our mission helping  moms find natural solutions for their families?  Looking for MORE purpose in your life?   Have a desire to be an entrepreneur and partner with the most amazing company and team on a mission to change the world?  


Are you coachable and open minded? Are you ready to GROW, find your STRENGTHS and USE them daily to build your DREAM life? 


Are you committed to USING your oils daily and working this biz?    Don’t Worry, I will teach you how to work SMARTER not HARDER. My greatest strength is being a #Maximizer. We teach a simple system of how to manage your time to be SUPER productive, allowing you to spend more quality TIME with your family and doing the things YOU love ♥. 


Are you wanting to give back financially to your family? Are you looking for a way to contribute BIG in your own life and in the the lives of others… both with your time and with money??  You must tap into the power of residual and passive income. Income that grows when you are not working! Money gives you the freedom to serve in ways you can’t even imagine!


Are you looking to surround yourself with FUN people who encourage you AND share your dreams?  (Remember, you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with!) Our team of women has changed my life♥ and can change yours too.  


Are you ready to create a life on YOUR terms?  Keep reading below my promise’s to YOU!!



My PROMISES to you are…


A Biz Roadmap/Game plan
Have you ever wished you had a roadmap on how to build you doTERRA biz? We have created a step-by-step roadmap that teaches you the skills, strategies and gives you the confidence to build a six-figure business of purpose, integrity and abundance. 


My responsibility to the people I mentor is to add value. My goal is to always help them become more than they are, not make them something they are not.  These are the areas I focus on: 

  • strengths
  • temperament
  • passion
  • advice
  • support/resources


Personal Development
“Success in this industry is not finding the right person but in BECOMING the right person.”  
~ Dr. Forest Shaklee
Personal Development and focusing on your STRENGTHS and your LOVE LANGUAGES is a biggie on our team so be open for some AMAZING transformations!


Encouragement & Feedback
A connection with the most amazing tribe of (mostly) women that encourage and lift each other up DAILY!!


Incentives and Team Retreats
FUN incentives for helping you reach your goals including a yearly retreat on one of Florida’s Gulf Coast beach houses!


Tools & Systems
Once you join our team you will have access to our FREE Roadmap and  Launch your doTERRA Biz class that will help you learn how to build momentum and make money your first month.  We also offer weekly FB live tips on building your biz and personal one-on-one mentoring for those of you looking to create change! 



Let’s Get Started






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