A recent article in the Huffington Post called "10 Superfoods Healthier than Kale" which

inspired this week's challenge.

Kale has plenty of benefits, like having high levels of vitamin B and containing more

calcium than milk!

But…there are lots of great options in ADDITION to kale!

Kale has at least 10 leafy green cousins which pack an antioxidant and nutrient-rich


1. Watercress

2. Chinese Cabbage

3. Chard

4. Beet Greens

5. Spinach

6. Chicory

7. Leaf Lettuce

8. Parsley

9. Romaine Lettuce

10. Collard Greens

Your challenge this week is to pick one or more greens from the list above, (preferably

one that you don't normally eat every day) and include it in your diet this week!

If you need a few new recipe ideas on how to make these greens a little more exciting,

check out this post: www.foodrepublic.com/2014/08/28/24-epic- leafy-green- vegetable-


If you’re up to the challenge, leave a comment below and let us which one you’ve

committed to try!

With Love and Simple Solutions,