Living a healthy life is one of the greatest gifts we have!

For those of you who have been a part of our EO Junkies community and have gotten to know me personally – these are some things you probably know: 

 I believe that we were created us to live a life of PURPOSE. #purposedriven #livealifeofpurpose


♥ I believe the body can heal itself when supported through simple whole foods, water, daily exercise and the healing power of plants.  #beAhealerInYourHome

♥ I am a lifelong student who loves to share and connect you to that same knowledge and help you put it into #ACTION

 We are on on a #mission to HELP 100,000 families improve their health by 2020 #NATURALsolutions

♥ I get excited teaching others how to find the right BALANCE for their family when it comes to eating right, exercise, sleep, managing stress and reducing toxic load #healthCoach


♥ I am creative and I love to DIY.  I love taking products I used to buy and make a SIMPLE, toxic free version of them #simplesolutions


As a mom and Health Coach I partnered with doTERRA® because of their mission and commitment to our overall health. As “Nikki Cleary”, I partnered with doTERRA’s because it gave me my PURPOSE back.  

My mission is simple…to help 10,000 families with their health by 2020. To do that, I am creating a team of purpose-driven people who are passionate about taking control of their physical and financial health and want to help others do the same.

The most important step in achieving your goals is learning how to incorporate doTERRA’s essential oils into your daily routine.  It is EASY with our 21 days of Essential Oil Education sent right to your phone (Free when you join my team).  After your oils arrive,   I will help you create a personalized 90 day health plan for you and your family!!  Along the way you will learn exactly how to use essential oils for yourself and the ones you love and gain the knowledge you need to feel empowered about your new path. 

Essential Oils 101

What is an Essential Oil?

  • Naturally occurring aromatic compounds
  • Found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of the plants
  • Have a versatile ability to combat threats without building up resistance
  • Work with the body to address issues & ROOT CAUSES on a cellular level
  • Highly concentrated 50-70x more powerful than herbs

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Why Choose doTERRA?


  • CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade is the industry standard
  • Indigenously sourced from a global network
  • Third party tested for purity and potency
  • Free of fillers, artificial ingredients and harmful contaminants
  • Provides health-conscious individuals with a safe and natural alternative
  • Used for countless physical and emotional wellness applications

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3 way to use Essential Oils?




Use oils in a diffuser or inhale deeply from the open bottle

♥ Calm emotional upset
♥ Boost mood and energy
♥ Open airways
♥ Purify the air and fight airborne germs
♥ Promote restful sleep



Apply to area of concern or the bottoms of feet

♥ Soothe tired overworked muscles
♥ Ease joint discomfort
♥ Calm skin irritation
♥ Support immune system

*See dilution note below



Essential Oils marked with a “supplement facts” box are for dietary or internal use

♥ Ease digestive upset
♥ Support the immune system
♥ Add flavor to food

**See safety note below

*To dilute or not? The term to dilute simply means to combine essential oils with a carrier oil (such as coconut or olive oil). Doing so helps essential oils absorb more slowly or more fully into your skin. Start with one to two drops of essential oil in a teaspoon of carrier oil. If an oil feels too hot or too cold, apply more carrier oil to the skin. Always dilute essential oils on children under 6.

**Use a glass or metal water bottle when drinking essential oils. Essential oils will break down the petrochemicals in plastic.




Click on photo for a fun way to learn about the top 10 oils!

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♥ Life Long Vitality

I am very passionate about helping other busy moms LOOK good and FEEL good. Even though we try and eat as healthy and organic as possible, there is NO WAY we can get the vitamins and minerals our body needs. So with the same care that doTERRA sources their oils, they formulated the best supplements on the market. I take Life Long Vitality (LLV) EVERY day! After years of taking supplements from GNC, Richard’s, Costco etc I decided to try doTERRA’s. It was the BEST SINGLE decision I have made for my health! Life Long Vitality will help you LOOK, FEEL and LIVE younger, longer!!!  Try it with your next order.  You have NOTHING TO LOSE because of doTERRA’s 30 day money back guarantee!!!


General wellness and vitality
Antioxidant and DNA protection
♥ Energy metabolism
♥ Bone health
♥ Immune function
♥ Stress management
♥ Cardiovascular health
♥ Healthy hair, skin, and nails
♥ Eye, brain, nervous system
♥ Liver function and digestive health
♥ Lung and respiratory health
♥ Gentle on stomach
♥ Non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free

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benefits of doterra lifelong vitality pack

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There are no monthly fees and no requirements to sell or buy with either option.

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