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Power Productivity
(a time management workshop)

Launch Your Biz
(launch your doTERRA biz)

Makeover Your Mindset

(Tiffany Petterson)
Sales Summit Series

(Tiffany Petterson)
7 Strategies for Successful Goal Achievement

(Tiffany Petterson)

Sonia Stringer

Jessica Higdon

Dr. Josh Axe
(Institute of Nutritional Leadership)

(yoga and personal training certification)



  • 7 Day Food and Water Journal + Sunday reflection water exercise
  • 7 Simple Ways to Eat More Veggies
  • 15 Tips to a better night sleep
  • 16 Tips to Decrease Stress
  • 52 Habits to Maximize your life
  • 72 Hour Sugar Detox
  • 150 Uses for the Top Ten Oils
  • Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils
  • Daily Food + Gratitude Journal
  • Shopping List + Lateral Swap List
  • Water Tips for Weightloss