EOJunkies~ Happiness Series 2018~ Week 36

EOJunkies~ Happiness Series 2018~ Week 36

Week Thirtysix Review:

“Make n Take” Monday

Scented body wash is a fun way to wake up your senses in the morning or calm them down at night. Scented body wash can provide valuable nourishment to your skin if it contains the right ingredients. Try making this easy DIY Body Wash with essential oils.

8 ounce glass pump bottle
½ cup unscented Castile soap
4 tablespoons vegetable glycerin
3 tablespoons Fractionated Coconut Oil
10 drops of your favorite essential oil

Note: Vegetable glycerin will help the body wash be thicker, creamier, and lather better.


  1. Combine ingredients into glass pump bottle.
  2. Add desired essential oil(s).
    Tip: For an uplifting body wash try these essential oils: Citrus Bliss®, Peppermint, Grapefruit, Lime, or Eucalyptus. For a relaxing body wash try these: Lavender, doTERRA Serenity®, Bergamot, Geranium, or Roman Chamomile.
  3. Shake to combine.

Note: Make sure to shake before each use, as the ingredients will separate.

“Tip OFF” Tuesday

Image result for tip off tuesday doterra

Tip off!! Apply to the skin while showering and inhale deeply to experience its calming aroma while enjoying its purifying skin benefits. You can also change regular tea to Earl Grey with the addition of Bergamot or apply to the feet before bedtime a calming and relaxing massage.

“Wellness” Wednesday


• Take one to two drops of Lavender in a glass of water to help reduce anxious feelings.*
• Apply doTERRA Cheer® to your wrists and neck to promote feelings of optimism.
• Put a drop of doTERRA Balance on your pillow at night to promote relaxation and help soothe worried thoughts.

Click HERE for more information, tips, and videos on essential oils for calming anxious feelings!! 

“Therapeutic” Thursday

Image result for ANXIOUS diffuser blend

Click HERE for more diffuser recipes

“Fit” Friday

Two amazing workouts to do throughout the week.

With love and hustle,


Personality Test~ What Color are You?

Personality Test~ What Color are You?

We communicate all day long. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could “speak the language” of everyone we are talking to? As a mom of three kiddos, wife and #bossbabe, I come into contact with lots of color personalities EVERY day!!. So, I am going to keep this as simple as possible:

  • First you need to learn YOUR color/type.
  • Second everyone that you communicate with needs to know their color/type. Or if they are too young, you can help them figure it out. 
  • Watch the videos below  and the word graph to determine your color/type 





Are you a GREEN, RED, YELLOW and BLUE personality? Maybe you are a mix of two or even three? Maybe you are one color at work and one at home?

  • Green make up 35% of the population. They are indirect and self-contained. They are totally left-brained, logical and analytical.
  • Yellow make up 35% of the population. They are indirect and open. These people are right-brained. They are creative and they are great on relationships; but this Color is the best at using both sides of their brain. Their left side is logical and analytical; so they really do a great job of using both sides of their brain.
  • Red make up 15% of the population. They are direct and self-contained. They are left-brain logical and analytical.

  • Blue make up 15% of the population.  They are direct and open. They are right-brained. Matter of fact, they are very creative and they are big on relationships. They are the most right-brained of all the Colors.

I am a dominant red personality with some green in there too. I like to take charge, I am super competitive (If there is a prize to win, you can bet that I am going for it), I will become a millionaire in the near future and I am currently learning about investing, I like for my inbox to be a zero, my favorite part of my biz in creating relationships, but I don’t love the follow ups. 

If you look in my purse, my green comes out. I have everything organized. My makeup in one bag, my essential oil in another, my wallet (which is also organized), my pens are in a pen holder in my purse and there is the perfect pocket for my phone too! In my home and biz, I have systems for everything…the smoother something can run, the better. My computer is organized like my purse. I have every folder, and subfolder organized in a way anyone can find it. My contacts are in a spreadsheet, with about 6 diff ways to organize the so I can find the info the fastest. I love planners (i probably have an addiction of sorts). I like to feel as organized as possible. One of my personal development loves is learning how to be better organized or on time management. I have to have the best gadgets if I feel like they will help save me time. 

With Love and Simple Solutions,

My Joy List

My Joy List

I started to think about the importance of having a “JOY” list…and why I need to START one. I want it to be:

a place I can visit daily…reminding me to be so thankful for what I have…but yet allowing me to dream bigger!

a place where I can be inspired to be a better wife, mommy, friend and leader.

a place that makes me happy….but more importantly a reminder of the things that bring JOY into my life.

This will be a never-ending, always edited list…but here is a start. If you need more help with ideas to start your own Joy list read this great article here http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-5731/4-Steps-to-Create-Your-Joy-List.html

  1. waking up next to my husband each morning (even though he snores)
  2. enjoying the quiet of the house before anyone wakes up
  3. waking up in our house, surrounded by my favorite things
  4. our Ninja coffee bar
  5. a BIG cup of hot black coffee (i also enjoy bulletproof coffee at times too)
  6. my favorite mugs to sip my coffee out of
  7. technology (if you know me…i ♥ my gadgets…Alexa echo is my fav right now)
  8. diffusing doTERRA EOs  each morning
  9. my nutribullet
  10. protein shakes- i love quick, easy and filling meals
  11. eating clean makes me feel better than any words can express and I ♥ Tosca Reno and JJ Virgin… my food mentors who inspire me daily
  12. reading in my favorite arm chair
  13. soft blankets…I have them ALL OVER my house (just ask my hubby or kids)
  14. devotions and prayer time each morning
  15. so thankful i have good time management skill
  16. i love planners, journals, all paper things make me happy
  17. date night with hubby
  18. date night with my boys
  19. “girls day” with charlotte
  20. painted toe nails
  21. teaching people to be a healer in their own home
  22. going to doterra leadership each year
  23. going on doterra incentive trips
  24. giving back
  25. serving others
  26. building a successful biz and teaching other women how to do the same
  27. being able to surround myself with women that inspire me
  28. lunch dates with girlfriends/biz partners
  29. girls weekends with my besties
  30. wine
  31. drive-in movies each christmas break with my kids
  32. camping in the back yard
  33. roasting marshmallows in the fire pit
  34. my life…even though it is crazy at times, i would never change it!!
  35. personal development
  36. living and creating a life that I choose to live
  37. teaching Charlotte to be a leader not a follower
  38. the new people I meet each day excites me with all the possibilities
  39. my health
  40. my families health
  41. i love that my parents live 15 minutes from us and we see them almost every day
  42. i love traveling
  43. getting a massage
  44. scheduling a trip for me and the hubby (and planning the details)
  45. surprises
  46. audio books
  47. book club with my tribe
  48. team development weekends on AMI
  49. train cases (I have 13 in my office alone)
  50. waking up each morning with the possibility of who I will meet and how I can serve them
  51. HIIT workouts (because they are short and sweet)
  52. yoga
  53. i love antiquing and searching for treasures at Goodwill, garage sales and flea markets etc…
  54. having money in the bank
  55. i love that my oldest still calls me mamma
  56. making money (enough to support my entire family and more)

**Note: there will be an ongoing editing of this list**

Take a Break from Tech!

Take a Break from Tech!

Technology is AMAZING.  We use it nearly every single day…and it absolutely improves the quality of our lives and puts the world at our fingertips.

However…. it can also be highly addictive, distract our attention, and can cause us not to be fully “present” in the conversations we’re having, the tasks we’re working on, or the roads we’re driving on. 

How many times have you been out to dinner and not been truly present because you’ve been glancing at your phone all night checking to see if you got a text message?  Or how often have you been driving and checking your FB news feed and somehow “arrived” at your destination without remembering how you got there!

I’m challenging you to UNPLUG for 1 day this week! (Just ONE- I know you can do it!) 

Before you say “there’s no chance”… Being addicted to your devices can:

  • Increase your feelings of loneliness, isolation, and depression
  • Cause you to feel more anxious and inadequate
  • Increase your levels of stress
  • Exacerbate ADD
  • Decrease your lack of creativity
  • Lower your ability to concentrate and focus
  • Cause a lack of quality sleep

Most importantly, live is about LIVING and being PRESENT in the moment!  It’s about spending quality time with people you love and care about. 

Are you up for the challenge? If you’re ready to give up your devices for a day, let us know in a comment below!

With love and hustle,

This video by one of my mentor, Jack Canfield that goes right along with what we are talking about today.

What is the One Word to Boost Your Productivity?

Vision Board Challenge

Vision Board Challenge

Let’s start the New Year off right and with INTENTION.
Time to get creative!
Have you ever heard of a vision board?!
Whether you said yes or no- your challenge this week is to MAKE ONE!
So what is a vision board?
A vision board is basically a board (made out of poster or cork) where you post meaningful pictures or words that represent goals, attributes, or things you would like to attract and work towards in your life.
I believe in being proactive rather than reactive in your life.

Part of that means you have to FIRST know what you WANT!

Once you know that…you can move forward toward your goals.
Your vision board will serve as a source of inspiration.
It’s there to keep you focused, motivated, and to recharge you with positive energy.
The one rule of creating a proper vision board is this: ANYTHING is allowed and there are no limitations! Just open your mind and don’t let anything hold you back.
Here’s how to create your vision board:
1. Pick out your board: cork board, poster board, pin board, etc.
2. Next, get markers, stickers, a glue stick, scissors, and a lot of magazines that you love.
3. Next, cut and paste words or pictures from the magazines of quotes, sayings, or affirmations that you love, places you want to visit, and images that reflect your personal or professional goals…basically anything you want for yourself or in your life – as long as it represents something meaningful and important to you.
4. Once you’re happy with your vision board, place it somewhere that you’ll see it every day!
So – are you up for living 2017 with INTENTION and creating your vision board this week?
If yes, let me know and post a pic of your vision board once it’s complete!
With love and hustle,
I love Ellen and she always makes me laugh…but on a really cool note, this video was shot in 2009 and look what she says about Finding Nemo 2!!
Start with your “Why”

Start with your “Why”

I LOVE TED talks. They are less than 20 minutes and straight to-the-point. When you want to learn about a new topic always check to see if there is a TED talk on it. #MaximizeHer

Simon Sinek the author of “Start with your Why” has perfected the topic and helps you understand the importance of creating a purposeful and heart-felt why. “People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it!!” 

Use this worksheet to help you craft the perfect why for your doTERRA buisness.  “Finding your Why Worksheet” When you start with your why, all the “hows” will fall into place. 

“The purposeful are those who have found something meaningful to dedicate themselves to, who have sustained this interest over a period of time, and who express a clear sense of what they are trying to accomplish in the world and why. They have found a cause or ultimate goal that inspires their efforts from day to day and helps them fashion a coherent future agenda. They know what they want to accomplish and why, and they have taken concerted steps to achieve their ambitions.” -William Damon