Spotlight: Neroli Essential Oil

Spotlight: Neroli Essential Oil

Despite the odd-sounding name, Neroli is actually an oil from a familiar source—the bitter orange tree. This tree is also the source of Petitgrain oil from its leaves and twigs, and bitter orange oil from the rind of its fruit, which is different from Wild Orange. Neroli is now a new oil in the doTERRA Touch® line, and as such comes packaged in a 10 mL roller bottle for a convenient way to apply the oil.

Most Common Uses

Because doTERRA Neroli Touch is diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil, it is primarily meant to be used topically or aromatically. Here are some ways to incorporate it into your daily life:


  1. Before any big event, keep your skin looking its best by applying Neroli directly to skin before using moisturizer to reduce the appearance of blemishes. You can also apply it throughout the day as needed.
  2. Apply to your pulse points on your wrists, neck, or the side of your forehead to uplift your mood and enjoy the sweet citrusy scent.
  3. When you’re feeling anxious or frazzled, apply Neroli to your palms and cup your hands around your nose. Breathe in the scent deeply a few times to feel more relaxed and at peace.
  4. Roll a small amount onto skin and then add Lavender, Ylang Ylang, and Marjoram oils for an aromatic massage experience.
Did you know?

  • As with most floral oils, timing is important when working with the blossoms. Orange blossoms will quickly lose their oil after they’ve been picked, and need to be steam distilled as soon as possible to produce the highest quality and quantity of oil possible.
  • Neroli is not a photosensitive oil, and should be fine to wear topically when outdoors.
detoxifying mud mask- spa doTERRA

detoxifying mud mask- spa doTERRA

Part of the doTERRA Spa line The Mud Mask is an essential-oil infused with Myrrh, Juniper Berry, and Grapefruit. These specific oils promote the purifying and detoxifying benefits of the mask while reducing the appearance of fine lines, pores, and wrinkles.

Follow the steps below to get the best results:

  1. Don’t wash your face. This may seem counter-intuitive, but in order for the mask to work best, you should apply it directly to dry, unwashed skin. Although most masks require you to wash your face first, taking this step reduces the chance of possible irritation or redness. If you would like to try washing your skin beforehand, we recommend testing it out by using the mask on a small patch of skin first.
  2. Apply with a foundation or paint brush. While your clean fingertips will also work, using a clean brush minimizes your chances that you’re spreading germs all over your face. It also helps minimize mess.
  3. Leave on for only the recommended time, and remove with lukewarm water. The doTERRA Mud Mask is formulated with hydrating ingredients like shea butter and chicory root extract, so it won’t dry out your skin like some clay masks. However, if you leave it on for too long, you run the risk of making the mask hard to remove and possibly irritating your skin. Make sure to rinse thoroughly, a few splashes of water will not work. You can use a washcloth to help, but avoid scrubbing your skin.
  4. Apply toner and moisturizer. Try the Verage® line toner and moisturizer. You can also use the Pore Reducing Toner, Anti-Aging Moisturizer, or Hydrating Cream from the Essential Skin Care line.
  5. Repeat at least once a week. Everyone’s skin is different, but a basic rule of thumb is to start out using a new mask once or twice a week. If you have very oily skin, you may need to use it more frequently.

Bonus Tip:

The Mud Mask can help detoxify more than the skin on your face. Emily Wright and other Wellness Advocates have discovered that using the mud mask under your arms works well for quick deodorizing. Before you shower, apply some mud mask to your underarms and then rinse off in the shower for a quick way to minimize odor and keep smelling fresh.

Spotlight: Rose Essential Oil

Spotlight: Rose Essential Oil

A welsh actor, Richard Burton, once said, “If I had a chance for another life, I would certainly choose a better complexion.” Same, my friend, same. While we can’t change our complexion, we can use dōTERRA’s new Rose Touch, which is a gift from the universe when it comes to getting our glowback. This precious oil comes from the Bulgarian rose and requires one of the most labor-intensive processes to produce. Rose essential oil keeps you happy and uplifted, perfect for the stress of theupcoming holiday season. Just apply a little to your pulse points throughout the day to keep you calm and collected. Want to know even more about this amazing new oil? Check out the Spotlight on dō

dōTERRA Science also conducted an interesting study on the benefits of rose on other plants. You can read about it here: dōTERRA Science Blog.

Previously only available during special promotions, the long awaited Rose essential oil is now available for regular purchase in a 10 mL roll-on bottle as a part of the doTERRA Touch® line. doTERRA Rose Touch combines Fractionated Coconut Oil with Rose essential oil, one of the world’s most precious essential oils, making applications and usage options both affordable and convenient.

Known for its sweet floral fragrance, doTERRA Rose Touch also provides a myriad of benefits when applied topically. Here are some of our favorite uses:

Our Favorite Uses

  1. Because of Rose’s sweet floral aroma, it is well-known in the perfume industry. For a beautiful and elegant personal fragrance, apply doTERRA Rose Touch to your neck and wrists.
  2. Rose’s scent is not only sweet and floral, it also provides emotional benefits and is emotionally uplifting.  Throughout the day when your mood needs a lift, apply doTERRA Rose Touch to your heart and pulse points.
  3. doTERRA Rose Touch is known to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and promote healthy-looking, radiant skin. Because of its convenient application in a roll-on bottle and its combination with Fractionated Coconut Oil, we love applying doTERRA Rose Touch directly on skin imperfections in the morning and night. Not only will it help reduce the appearance of skin imperfections but it will also promote an even skin tone and healthy complexion.

Fun Facts

  • The labor-intensive and delicate process of harvesting and distilling rose petals produces a sweet floral aroma that’s renowned in the perfume and essential oil industries.
  • In medieval Persia (now known as Iran), Avicenna (980-1037 AD), a Persian doctor wrote extensively on health and wellness and is credited as the father of aromatherapy as we now know it. He attempted various distillation methods using flowers and was eventually able to isolate the scent of the rose as well as produce rose water.
  • Rose is included in many doTERRA proprietary blends.  Some of them include doTERRA Console®, Immortelle, and Whisper®.

To a healthy and more beautiful complexion