#MaximizeHer Time

#MaximizeHer Time

What is distracting you?

What is taking you away from doing money making activities for your business or more importantly family time?

Is it clutter in your home? Is it technology?

As my small group (a group of 6 women who meet weekly to study the bible, discover our purpose in life, and support and pray for each other’s daily struggles) was on the hunt for a new study we ran across “The 7 Experiment”. The idea behind it, is eliminating the “excess” out of those seven areas below. ¬†Allowing us to spend that time more wisely…and on what’s really important.

I am not sure if my group will take the challenge, but I knew I needed to “de-clutter” some areas of my life and it started with my closet.

This is round one! I eliminated 7 pieces of clothing for 7 days.
It felt so good that I am going to do it for another 7. 😄👍🏻

There were just 4 pairs of shoes in this picture, but I donated over 10 pair! 😁


I can’t tell you how great it felt getting rid of some “excess” in my life. I never realized how it was a distraction and how it wasted my time.




Set out your clothes for the following day, the night before!
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