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 Hi. My name is Nikki Cleary. A few years ago, I was in your shoes.  As a mom, I was feeling frustrated and helpless… not knowing how to help my family. My oldest son suffered from severe asthma and allergies and we were in and out of Dr offices with prescriptions and OTC drugs being the only thing offered to me. I KNEW there was a better way…I just needed to find it. It was a few months into school when  a fellow health coach told me about doTERRA.  It was EVERYTHING I was looking for and MORE. It was THE solutions for all my families health needs, as well as a platform to  to share my message of health to the world!!!

My mission is to create a team of leaders who are passionate about taking control of their own health and creating a beautiful life by their design while making a six figure income and impacting and inspiring the lives of 10,000 other families by 2020. 

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